Project 001.

Book Design + Photography

A collection of my grandma June's recipes from her years of owning a cake shop and all the recipes that bring us together. 


June's Table began as an effort to commemorate my late grandfather Charlie by celebrating the love of food that brought

us all together as a family. It was designed to give a space to all the stories, from the time their little Turramurra cake shop managed

to get David Jones as a client to when we would ask Grandma for our much loved "Jamberoo Chicken" on our way to a holiday cabin for a winter weekend. This book is as much a cookbook as it is a way to keep those memories close to our hearts every time we

open up its pages.

The process

The process of collecting the recipes was an important point of connection. For a few weeks she would send me recipes and I would cook for all six of us with help from my sisters and my mum. We cooked as normal, no attempts to make the process glamorous and that is exactly how it was photographed. The photography style was intended to include more studio lighting and backdrops and so on - but it became clear that this food didn't need any of that.