Project 003.

Social Design + Photography

A collaboration with Arieyl Koithra, Annemarie Gad, Alice Zhang & Leanne Ren


A UTS collaboration with Vital Strategies over a two week period in Ambon, part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

The purpose was to research + develop a potential design solution to engage young people in the conversation around the impacts of smoking in Indonesia, where the youth smoking rates are alarmingly high.

The brief + process

The creative process was collaborative from conception to finalisation. We observed and spoke to people to enrich our ideas and make them work within the space and the people who would ultimately be using the final product.

We worked to create something  that did not discriminate or create limitations by printing capabilities or access to advanced technology. 

The outcome

The final work took form as a set of five loose worksheets in both English and Bahasa Indonesian. 



*   Easily available for download.

*   Designed for low-budget black             and white printing.

*   Interactive style activities.

*   Age appropriate information               about the impacts of smoking.


The worksheets have the potential to be refined visually and expanded into a larger collection of educational material. Although created in the specific climate of Ambon and its people, there is the potential for this project to reach children all across Indonesia.